Monday, March 12, 2007

Working Together to Work Things Out

My Three sisters and I who together are taking care of my mom are here at my mom's house (well two live here full time and one sister and I come in when we are needed) this week to make changes in her daily routine and care.

Mom is moving into a new level of confusion in her disease, and it is very wearing on all of us. It is especially hard on my sister Tina who does most of the full time care. Right now mom keeps insisting that she has to go home every few minutes. I even took her out for a walk and "walked her back to her house" this afternoon. When we got back here she thanked me for going out of my way to take her home.

Tomorrow is a big day, we are getting a hospital bed delivered for her to sleep in because she has been falling out of bed a lot lately. This will be very difficult for her because it will be a change from what she is used to and any change is hard for her. I think it will take all four of us to get her through this.

I know that each day with mom is a blessing, but some blessings are mixed. We love mom, and we want to keep her safe here in this house because we know that this is a better place than any nursing home will be. We are willing to do everything that we have to do to keep her safe. The problem is that in doing so we may have to suffer a lot of abuse in order to get through this.

I trust that God will be with us as we go through the refiner's fire.



Suzanne said...

Yes, He will...taking baby steps just like in your dancing class, angelmeg....keep looking forward and treasure whatever good little moments you have. Hug your sisters and make them hug you back.
PS I do know that hose are very supporting and do invigorate the legs and circulation well, I think.

Entropy said...

Christ will give you the strength you need when you need it. You (and your sisters) are doing a wonderful thing for your mom, a gift! You will be so glad you did.