Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Now I Can Dance All Night

I went looking for dance shoes today. Specifically I was going to get open toed shoes because when I dance for a few hours (or till the end of dance class actually) my toes get really soar in the shoes I have been dancing in. But I tell you what, when I tried on the pair of shoes that look like the ones in the picture they felt like buttah.
The very knowledgeable lady at the store said that it is because of the construction. The arch and the instep and the leather upper all work together to baby your foot as you move so that your tendons and ligaments and bones are all moving exactly the way they are supposed to move. I agree with her 100% and can't wait till my next class so I can try them out.
She also gave me a hint about the proper leg wear. I have a tendency to dance bare legged because I don't like hose. She said that there is a reason to wear stockings, and the more support the better. She said that the support of dance stockings (or support hose) work to continually invigorate your legs as you dance. It is as if the movement of the dance is continually giving your legs a massage because of the support of the tights. Makes sense don't you think?
While I didn't buy a pair of dance tights, I may go in for a pair of sheer support stockings. Now all we need are a few more moves and we will be all ready for the next dance.

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