Saturday, March 03, 2007

Swing Swing Swing

Last night was the first night of our new Ballroom class. There are only three couples in the class and about as many instructors, so we are really stoked. The emphasis this class is on Swing, which we really liked from last session, so we got right to work last night dancing.

We practiced what we had learned last session, and then we learned a few cool new moves.

If you follow this link and click on the video you can see most of the steps we worked on last night. (Of course mrangelmeg and I do them that smoothly too).

We had so much fun but I was totally exhausted by 7:45, and the class usually runs till nearly 8:30. I am going to have to get in much better shape if I am going to keep up with mrangelmeg, he was dancing my legs off.

I would totally encourage every couple out there to go out and take a dance class together. There is absolutely nothing better for your marriage than to dance together. You have to communicate, and work together and spend time in very close proximity, and to top it off you are having a really good time.

On the way home we stopped of to buy some swing Cd's so that we could practice during the week so that we will be ready for next week's class. Wow is that only a week away, I had better start getting ready.



Suzanne said...

Do you take lessons from Mary too?
Cool! We start tomorrow night, only the kids have been ahead of us for two weeks...well, at least the girls! They are having a ball!

angelmeg said...

We take our lessons at the YMCA from couple who work where mrangelmeg works and the Man who teaches at Bridet's school and a few other's. They all learned how to dance at Arthur Murray.