Friday, March 09, 2007

Turn Turn Turn

I guess my "retirement" may soon be coming to an end. The Newman Center at Indiana University is looking for a Campus Minister and I really feel that this is a job that is perfectly suited for my skill set. Besides that, I have been volunteering there in the RCIA program all this year, so I know the priests, and some of the students, and I really love the program.

So, I have been working for the last week to write a resume and get my references in line so that I can submit everything next week. I don't know if I will be hired, but I have as much chance as anyone else that will be applying. I have everything they are asking for in their job description (or will have as soon as I complete my Masters work).

Please say a prayer for me. I know that I will be disappointed if I don't get this job. I want to feel as though I am doing God's will be applying for the position, and be able to leave the decision as to whether I actually get it as God saying that perhaps it isn't quite time yet for me to return to work. Please pray that I have that type of detachment from what happens.



Suzanne said...

I finally got here. I had to go to my search engine, look up the name of your blog, pull up an old post, scroll down and click on Home. Man, that is absurd. I wonder why? It is really buggin me! Ha! Anyway, I wrote you and email about all it and the prayers are with you. Suz

The Ironic Catholic said...

Go for it, Angelmeg!

Mark Mossa, SJ said...

Sounds like a great opportunity!

Count on my prayers.