Friday, March 16, 2007

New Dryers and Old Tunes

So I have good news and more good news today!

The good news is that the new dryer is installed and happily drying clothes as I type. It will be drying many loads of clothes to get caught up after not having a dryer for two weeks, and my only getting to the Laundromat twice to dry 10 loads. That is nothing in this family.

I couldn't convince mrangelmeg that the matching washer was a good idea, so I am still washing smaller loads than I might have been had I gotten the pair, but this will do nicely. I am so very happy to have it installed and working again that I can want what I have and not dream about what I don't.

The more good news is that I am getting an IPod for my birthday. I ordered it yesterday and it should arrive by Monday. In preparation for that happy event I have been loading all of our Cd's into ITunes so that I will be ready to download all of my music (and some of mrangelmeg's) just as soon as it gets out of the box and I can get it up and running.

I am so excited about this. especially because the weather is getting nicer and I plan to start walking outside and maybe even getting my old bike serviced and taking it out on a few of the bike trails (we have some wonderful bike trails that are nicely paved and very safe for the novice biker here in town.)

So, my day has just been packed, to say the least.


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