Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why Mommy Carefully Chooses Which Books Angelbaby Reads

Because This trash passes for Children's Literature.

It was bad enough that Ted Kennedy wrote a children's book.

Then Madonna thought she had to get her two cents worth in the Children's Literature genre.

And even before that we had this forced into our libraries as a "forward thinking piece of literature".

So, when the angelbaby wants to buy new books, we go together to get them so that I can "help" her to make good decisions.

Besides, angelbaby's mommy will never be a Democrat so long as they continue to vote for a woman's right to kill her unborn child for any reason. Any other stance they take has no moral value if they can't get that simple decision right.

Hat tip to Korrectiv for the first link.



Anonymous said...

How is it that you can put into words my exact feelings so much better! Thank you for expressing it all so very well...and who is brainwashing who? Good grief!

Anonymous said...

Ughhh! I completely agree with you and every other pro-life republican! It is so good know of parents who actually pay attention to what their children read, so many parents are so worried about tv and the internet (which ARE both full of smuck) that they forget books and other written word contains some unhealthy messages as well. I am glad you posted this, it help remind me to stay on top of these things as my boys are growing older! -Maria