Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More to be Thankful For

26. The Readings at Daily Mass Today.
27. The sound of children singing (it was the school mass for my mom's parish)
28. The Grace of Tears (some will understand this better than others)
29. St Margaret Mary
30. My husband's voice, and his common sense which can calm me down.
31. Friends far and near, even when you can only spend a few minutes on the phone with them
32. Being given the gift of patience in just the moment that you need it, especially when you are dealing with someone with my mother's disease.
33. Having a sister who has worked in nursing homes most of her life and has the moxie to call and ask for help when she feels overwhelmed about what mom is going through.
34. Being able to work with mom, even to do something as simple as getting a haircut.
35. Christian music in my CD player.

more later.


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