Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Haloween, All Saints, Day of the Dead, etc

We had three Dr's in the house for Halloween this year. Daughter number 1 was Dr. House, Daughter number 3 was Dr. Who (number 4 or 5 I can't remember) and the angelbaby was Dr. Allison Cameron from the show House.

Son was Samurai Jack, and Daughter number 2 settled for a plain old vampire. She put her costume together in about ten minutes.

Today for all saints the kids and I went to Mass at the Campus Newman Center because our parish doesn't have a Mass this evening for the Holy Day. It was a really nice mass. We have Dominican Priests here at our Newman Center and they have brought a very interesting viewpoint to our community.

Tomorrow I will celebrate Day of the Dead by searching for a replacement vehicle, as the insurance company has decided that my car had too high mileage for them to warrant doing the fix after all so they declared it a total loss and paid me off. Sigh. Is there a patron saint of used cars? I could sure use his help about now.

I just hope I don't end up being dead one after spending three days looking for a replacement vehicle, I am exhausted already and have only been at it two days as it is.

Pray for me.


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Suzanne said...

How did car shopping go today?