Saturday, November 11, 2006

Milestones Reached

I met with my advisor this morning and I am set to register for my penultimate class in my Masters Degree program.

I am going to take a class this Spring Semester at Saint Meinrad on Monday and Thursday mornings. Which will mean a commute, but it is the only way to get the class I need and not have to take two philosophy classes at the same time (every other weekend) next summer. It will mean taking a class which will be mostly seminarians except me. and having to trust that the weather will cooperate, but I am praying that I have a good experience.

After that I will have a class in the summer in Indianapolis, and then a final in the fall and I will be done.

Who would have thought that I would be so close to this goal? I am sure that when I began this journey way back in the fall of 2003 graduation was very far from my mind and here it is right around the corner!

Who knows what I will be doing with my degree, but from where I sit now the future looks filled with promise, and I am very excited about the opportunities I have to explore.

Keep me in your prayers, after all these last two classes are both Philosophy classes. I may just die before I get through them.


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KathrynTherese said...

Well, congratulations.
Perhaps you could bring your philosophical mind to bear on a deep metaphysical discussion we are having over at Exhaling - Is the human person a dichotomy or a trichotomy? I think you will enjoy the company there, at least as much as I have enjoyed your blog.

Consider this an official invitation to our blog party.