Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gifts Galore

61. Hugs from kids I haven't seen in a few days.
62. Especially being hugged by an autistic daughter.
63. Not having to cook dinner because the kids are so good at doing it themselves.
64. Coming home to piles and piles of clean laundry (thanks mrangelmeg)
65. Not needing the inhaler I left at my moms.
66. the feeling of accomplishment at having taken care of so much in the afternoon through phone calls and conversations.
67. Social Service people whose job it is to help when you don't know where to turn.
68. My comfy TV watching chair.
69. Salty potato chips.
70. The staff at the Starbucks that I frequent.
71. The church community I am involved in on Wednesday evenings for RCIA.
72. Realizing that I will always find new things to learn about this awesome Catholic Faith.
73. Being able to take correction, and grow from the experience.
74. Seeing my faults and hopefully not repeating them (with God's help.)
74. Realizing that I am good at helping people to understand theological concepts.
75. The comfort of using my own computer for a few days.
76. Good Night kisses
77. Sleeping in my own bed.
78. Having mrangelmeg's arm around me in the middle of the night.
79. My title to my car finally getting here so I can get the plates before the temporary runs out.
80. Watching my son's maturity level increase as he takes on new challenges every day.

I will write more later today, but I have a ton of errands to run if I plan to stay on track. You all have a blessed day and keep your eyes open for the fingerprints of God on your life.


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