Sunday, November 26, 2006

Humility Goes Where I Go

I wrote this a long time ago about a shift in my way of thinking about service and something as simple and humble as changing the toilet paper roll without complaining or having to be asked to do it.

I think that at home I have done a pretty good job of changing them without saying anything to anyone about the number of times I change the rolls in not only the master bathroom, but in the girls' bathroom and even my son's bathroom.

This evening when I got to my mom's and was getting ready for bed, what did I find when I sat down to go to the bathroom, but an empty toilet paper roll! I guess God was just allowing me to serve my sister and mom as well.

It just made me remember to do it without complaining that the person who used the last piece hadn't thought to change the roll after she was through. I suppose I was just lucky there was some tissue left in the Kleenex box.



Anonymous said...

Ahhh the dreaded toilet paper roll change out!! Believe me, I do understand the need for an extra dose of humility in this with nothing but men has taught me that some people simply just are unable to work the springy mechanism and therefore can not load on the roll....or well they seem oblivious to the existence of a wall!


Anonymous said...

angelmeg, I am going to have to pray about this. I still get a tid bit frustrated in this area...not because they don't load it on a wall mount or anything like that...they steal it from one another's bathrooms when they run out and do not bother to tell me that we are even low the stuff! Since none of our wall mounts amount (no pun intended) to anything because they are all broken (lol), I can only hope like
you, that there is tissue or even a piece of rough papertowel around. I guess I'll keep my cool up and until I have to use a magazine page like my parents used to make us of the Sears catalog when they were kids! Eeeewwww!!

Anonymous said...

excuse parents used to make
USE of the Sears catalog. Did you ever hear about that one? I think I'd rather use a leaf from a tree or sumpin!
Suz again!