Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm in a Flannery State of Mind

We have had a month around here.

Car trouble like you wouldn't believe. I just bought a new car to replace the car that was hit and now my new car is in the shop because I found out that the heater doesn't work. Lucky for me that the place I purchased it from is willing to take it in and make things right for me.

But, just when my car worries are getting worked out, my husband's car is doing strange things again (and I mean really strange). So, lucky for me I bought a car big enough to hold the entire family.

God's grace isn't warm and fuzzy, sometimes it is dark and disruptive. That is just what the woman after my own heart Flannery was always trying to tell people with her fiction. God loves us and when we love Him that doesn't make our lives perfect it just means that we aren't alone in our troubles.

So, we are off to try to get our car situations worked out. God is good, all the time. Even when we have to pick up one car, just to take the other one to the shop.



Suzanne said...

Flannery does "mess" with my head! Ha! I loved that!
angelmeg, is there something I can do?
How about another meal at the McConnell all have helped us...we are here to help you...I hope that you will let us. Call...or else I will!

Anonymous said... did everything work out?
How about the nick on the leased car?
I hope you were able to get to St. Meinrad. I've had sickies at the house late this week. Teresa has strep.