Thursday, November 02, 2006

If I had a Champagne Bottle . . .

who am I kidding, if I had a bottle of champagne I would drink the stuff.

Anyway. I want to introduce all of you to a new blog in the Catholic Blogosphere:

The Speakin' Deacon

which is hosted by none other than my guest blogger Deacon John. He has begun with an awesome homily for All Saints Day. And I hope that you will all subscribe to his feed so that you don't miss a word that flows from the gifted mind of this awesome man. He certainly was led to the vocation of Deacon so that he could honor us with his ability to preach.

I have been blessed to hear a few of his homilies in person. I only wish that his blog was podcast equipped, because as good as they are written out, they are truly written to be preached and they are very powerful when you hear them preached.

I will be sad to lose him from this site, but I realize that it is a far far better place to which he has gone. (okay that was a bit hokey, but I am tired this afternoon).

add him to your blogroll, subscribe to his feed, be blessed by his gift of preaching, and let him become one of your friends.


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