Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oooh, Oooh, More Gifts!

36. Sweet Potato Chips
37. The Company of friends at dinner, especially when they happen to be family
38. Being with mom on one of her good days.
39. laughing.
40. Hearing the same family story told over and over.
41. Cold Iced tea
42. Baileys Irish Cream
43. The Council of good friends.
44. Talking to my sister until we fell asleep, just like we did when we shared a room as kids.
45. A warm house.
46. Reading PD James' The Children of Men.
47. House, the television show.
48. Being able to work together with my sister to do what is best for mom.
49. Knowing, and being able to experience a GOOD Homilist like Deacon John-- Preach it Brother!!!!
50. Waking up and not feeling achy from arthritis.
51. The taste of Hershey's extra dark chocolate
52. cell phone plug in's for cars
53. web sudoku
54. The thrill of seeing your name in print for the first time.
55. enjoying the writing process.
56. the anticipation of going home after being away.
57. The Daily Show
58. The Colbert Report
59. The taste of morning coffee
60. Morning prayers


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Keep em are humbling me.
Truly I see a sweet connection going on here with the sister. The fruits that come from some of the different things that occur in life can be so sweet.
Yesterday, in Father Don's homily, somehow he mentioned thinking of ourselves as fruit on a tree. What kind are we...are we "green," are we "coming close to ripe," are we "ripe," or are we "over ripe?"
It was rather thought provoking, I thought. I know I am "over ripe" when I feel sorry for an old black banana, however, I don't like being green either. What does this have to do with you and all this...hmm, well, just that some things coming from this are that relationships can ripen and sometimes without these things, they just sorta stay barely ripe. Thanks for your sharings! God bless you and big big hugs to you AND your sister, AND your momma. Suzanne