Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gimme Gimme . . . Tis the Season After All

I have decided that what will help me the most right now is to participate in this little blogger project. If you click on the picture above you can read more about it. I will be counting my blessings between now and the Feast of the Nativity, when we celebrate the greatest Gift of all, our salvation. This is supposed to help me get in touch with how blessed I am and how carefully God is watching over me. The way the past few days have gone I really need this.

1. Taking a long walk with my mother in the park.
2. Having a conversation with mom that was at times very lucid and present.
3. Having the patience to be here when she is in this condition.
4. My cell phone, which keeps me connected to my husband and children when I am here with mom.
5. Internet access, so that I can email friends for prayers and support.
6. Watching the dvd of pictures of the family with mom and being able to help her remember names.
7. The smell of Rose perfume.
8. Cooking dinner for mom and my sister.
9. Sleeping most of the night without waking up.
10. The taste of dark chocolate truffles.
11. The news that they have a professor for my summer class I need for graduation.
12. a portable keyboard so that I can practice piano while I am here
13. Warm weather these past few days.
14. The new story idea I have been working on.
15. The ability to laugh, which makes the harder things I have to face seem at least bearable.
16. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, a show with writing that is intelligent and stimulating.
17. Perpetual Adoration Chapels, mom's church has one we visited Sunday. It was a calm hour that gave me a lot of strength.
18. The life and writings of Walker Percy thanks to my pals at Korrektiv who first introduced me to him
19. Alarm clocks.
20. Daily Mass.
21. The smell of coffee brewing.
22. The medications that keep my body working the way it should so that I can function as well as I do.
23. warm socks
24. Priests who do the work they do because they are called by God to a life less ordinary.
25. the ability to read, anything, anywhere (mom was reading the signs in the park as we walked. she may not be able to read books anymore, but she can still read)

I will be continuing the list as I see God's fingerprints over the next days and weeks.

If anyone feels compelled, they are welcome to join in. What an antidote for this season of excess than to be excessively thankful for all that we already have.


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So beautiful....Suzanne