Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Next Time Someone Asks . . .

where mrangelmeg has gone . . .

(as you know he is on a month-long business trip to California) Every time I go somewhere where people are used to seeing us together or seeing the entire family, I invariably get the question "Where is that guy?"

I am getting a little bored with having to explain that he is on another of his extended trips, so I sent out a request in my facebook status for some more random, clever or funny answers I might use to answer that question and mrangelmeg rose to the occassion and these are the ones he submitted overnight:

He went to take lessons at the D.B. Cooper School of Skydiving.

He's practicing for the Hide-n-Seek World Championships.

He went to Jupiter, Florida to earn a spot on the St. Louis Cardinals' roster. So far, the only thing he's earned is a court order to stay at least 300 yards away from Tony LaRussa.

He was muttering to himself about how the world would be better off if he'd never been born. His Guardian Angel, Clarence, showed up and said "Yep, you're right." I haven't seen him since.

He wants to see what he looks like on a milk carton.

He thought I told him to "go find yourself."

He went into the hall of mirrors three weeks ago and hasn't made it out. He's not lost, he just likes looking at himself.

He finally decided to chase his dream and is presently attending The Vidal Sassoon Academy of Cosmetology and Hairdressing in California.

The last time I saw him, he was driving his Toyota Tundra to the UAW convention.

He's trapped in a well somewhere and that bitch Lassie won't tell where.

Three words: Barnum and Bailey.

h/t to mrangelmeg for all the love I have in the world and for making me laugh this morning. I just wish I had read these before I had gotten my morning cup of coffee. Coffee splatter is a pain to clean up.


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