Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Asuaging our Guilt at the Gas Pump . . .

may be the leading cause of starvation worldwide.

In another story where the excitement over a "new and exciting technological breakthrough wasn't quite thought out well enough for the global economy; the promotion of biodiesel fuels around the globe and especially in third world countries is squeezing the already hurting food market prices and causing many to go hungry because they can't afford the more expensive cost of grains.

Zeigler said the crisis could cause 100 million people to slip back into poverty, while von Braun warned that high prices could force many more to limit food consumption, leading to drastic malnutrition particularly among children.

"The nutrition situation of the bottom billion of the world population is at risk when they are not shielded from these price rises," von Braun said.

Read the story here.

Think about that the next time you put that ethanol into your tank. How many little children will starve so you can reduce the size of your carbon footprint?

Today is the day to educate yourself about the Global Food Crisis. What are you doing to help feed the world? If you aren't doing anything, shame on you.


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