Friday, March 13, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I woke up yesterday with a really dry throat, which I attributed to the blower on our heat pump running almost non-stop since the temps dropped from the springlike weather we had over the weekend to the deep freeze levels of Wednesday and Thursday. So, I got up, gargled with salt water (a trick I learned from my dad) and went on with my day.

Unfortunately, as the day progressed I decidedly went downhill, and by the time I got home from my stint as a library volunteer at my daughter's school I was feeling like H-E-double hockey sticks. So I took some Thera-flu and got into bed.

The Thera-flu seemed to help, but the rest of the evening I had little energy to do much of anything (especially try to attempt to venture into Teresa's Castle). I pretty much vegged out on the couch and watched Thursday evening Television, with the kids: Foaming Bones, another spectacular Michael meltdown, half a Grey's Anatomy episode (I am not sure why I bother anymore) And the return of Doug Ross and Carol Hathaway and Dr. Benton to ER. By then I was so tired I just crawled into bed with my IPod sleep mix and went to sleep.

The question is; do I feel well enough this morning to venture out to my prayer group? I don't feel too bad, but I don't feel great. I hate to get all the way across town and decide that getting out was a huge mistake, but on the other hand I hate to miss my prayer group, especially when it is such an important part of my spiritual development.

I'm thinking I will go, if it is too much I can always come straight back after group and not go on to Mass (which is the normal Friday routine). If I do feel lousy, maybe being out already will be enough of a push to get me to stop in at our emergent clinic and get checked out.

It could happen.

NOTA: God is good all the time. Some decisions are made for us. I got a call just after I had managed to get dressed and was grudgingly making my way to the car with what little energy I had left. It seems that two of the three people in my group won't be able to make it and the third (the one who called me) would just as soon not meet with me this morning anyway (bless her, because she knows how bad I felt yesterday).

So, I took the angelbaby to the bus stop and then drove to the store for eggs, milk and beans for our soup tonight and came back home.

I intend to curl up in my nice warm bed, put on some studying music (the mix I made during Gradual School of songs with no lyrics to distract me -- all jazz and classical tracks) and plow my way through to the seventh mansion of Teresa's Castle and then make my famous white chili [minus the chicken] and some spelt bread with flax and sunflower seeds for dinner tonight. Maybe if I take it slow and comfy all day we can share our soup and bread with our church family at the Stations and Soup Supper this evening.


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