Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Be Aware . . . Be Very Aware

So we are two weeks into Lent. How's that going for you?

Amazingly after the last few years when my Lents have been extremely arid and I have slogged through them wondering exactly what I was supposed to be "getting" out of the journey; this lent has been just the opposite.

Right from the start I have been bombarded with messages and experiences that have been very transformative that I am beginning to wonder if anyone will recognize me when I emerge at Easter. I began this lent with the simple prayer that Whatever God chose to send I would be open for, and I would be obedient to at least try.

Each day I have made that my watch phrase: Be open to where God is in this moment. Bring God to the forefront in every action, interaction and movement of my life. As the Jesuits say: "Find God in All Things".

Where is God leading, and if God isn't leading what is that particular activity, or interaction, or whatever doing in my life?

Now, I am not saying that I am going around like some holy monk or mystic, always in a trance and always doing exactly what God wills, but I must say that I think I am seeking God's plan in all things, and seeing God's fingerprints where I wasn't able to, or just didn't care to before.

Today I had the grace to talk all of this over with my Spiritual Director. I talked about how being aware of God's movement in my day has made me more aware of the Mass readings, and the Pauline message for the day, or even something as simple as my interaction with my kids. I am more aware of how I can be more present to their needs without being grudgingly so, if that makes sense. Now I am giving of my time to them with an open heart, as God gives to me.

Lent has been amazing, and each new day has brought a new thing learned or a new area that needs work revealed. With each revelation comes a loving response from me, not the old me response of "well that's not fair, nobody else has to give that up to be holy".

My spiritual director noticed that there is an abiding sense of peace with me this month. Something new, he added with a laugh. I told him that I had noticed it too, my prayer is peaceful, my lent is peaceful. My life is peaceful. It is a really nice place to be.



Mimi said...

Wow, what a blessing you are being given this Lent. Prayers.

Suzanne said...

I commend you..pray for me.