Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Here's a Thought . . .

Stop trying to work your lenten program;
then maybe there will be time and room for God to work
God's program in You.



Suzanne said...

Did you just read my latest blog entry! It sure feels like it!
Hey..I took you up on it..I started that other "walk" and now I feel like I'll keep on and get back on track. Thanks for that encouragement too.

angelmeg said...

Actually if you see the time and date, I posted this last night. It came directly from God during Fr. Bob's homily at Mass at St. Paul at 5:15.

I was struggling with keeping my lenten plan and I heard Fr. Bob's message which was all about not getting in God's way because you think you know what you need. Well I am humble enough to let God reveal to me what it is that I need to work on this lent.