Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Would Give Anything . . .

to get out of this darn Castle!

Thanks to St. Anthony, I woke up this morning and bumped into the last place on earth I would have ever thought to look for my copy of Interior Castle, so I am back to slogging through the sixth mansions (in which we undergo pain and suffering for the Lord).

I freely admit that while I love Teresa dearly, her writing style leaves much to be desired and I am ready to turn tail and run screaming from the darn castle before I ever reach the Seventh Mansions (in which we reach holy union with the Divine ).

I have stopped reading for any kind of comprehension at this point and am just marking the pages till I have read to the end of the book so I can say that I actually read it when I write the paper. I want to be honest in my paper and say that I read the book. Even though I know that I could write the paper now and get five very heart-felt pages about what attracted me and repelled me about this book!!!!

Oh well, back to reading. I will be interested to see just how much I comprehend of the final two sections as I read it "just to get it read." I will report on that later.

I am so happy there isn't going to be a test (at least in this life.)


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Suzanne said...

You're crackin me up and I've a feeling that St. Teresa is up there chuckling too. ;)!!