Friday, March 13, 2009

Angelmeg's Irresistable White Chilli

Semi Homemade (at best) but tastes so good.


Tyson Southwestern Chicken Strips (in the freezer section of the store) 1 package for 6 people two for more etc. (you will have to mircrowave this a bit and cut it into cubes because it comes in strips, but the flavor is important)

cans of your favorite white beans ( use as many cans and varieties as you need to feed the number of people you are serving)

Pinto (not quite white but have great flavor)
great northern
Butter Beans (my favorite to add )

chopped onions ,celery and peppers (I use the frozen prepared mierpoix from the store prechopped and ready to go, as I said, semi homemade at best)

2 to 3 garlic cloves ( I also have prechopped garlic in my fridge that I love)

small amount of Olive Oil ( two tablespoons should be enough.)

One Cup Stock (chicken or vegetable)

One bottle of white wine (dry is better than sweet but whatever you prefer)

For Garnish
Mexican Blend Grated Cheese
Sour Cream

How to prepare:

In a large soup pot, heat the oil till hot, toss in the mierpoix mixture and garlic,
heat until the onions are clear

Add wine, stock and chicken to the pot and cook for one hour at a medium simmer.

Transfer the chicken to a crock pot and add the canned beans (with all liquid). cook on high, stirring occasionally for about four hours.

You can also cook it in the soup pot, just add the beans to the soup pot and cook at medium temp for about two more hours stirring a bit more often.

That is it, you are done.

garnish with grated mexican blend cheese and sour cream.

Tell everyone you slaved over getting the spices just right (because most of the flavor comes from the wine and the pre-seasoned chicken.)


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Adoro said...

My friend used to make a wonderful white chicken chili, without beans. (I hate beans). I do'nt have the recipe but maybe I'll try this one sans beans. Thanks!