Monday, March 16, 2009

Mysitc Monday: Go Out Into the Desert

In honor of mrangelmeg who has begun his self proclaimed "40 days in the desert" (he is on a business trip to the High Sierra in California for a month where he will be doing whatever it is he does.) I have decided that I will offer something from the Desert Fathers today dear children.

I have chosen something from Abba Daniel:

One day Abba Ammoes and Abba Daniel went on a journey together. Abba Ammoes said "When shall we, too, settle down, in a cell Father?" Abba Daniel replied "who shall separate us henceforth from God? God is in the cell, and on the other hand he is outside also.

This saying goes right along with what I have been gleaning from this Lent. God will not be placed conveniently in some box in our lives, separate from all the other parts of our life. God touches every moment of our living and breathing, and as such every moment is a spiritual one. If we learn to see with the eyes of faith we can find God in all the moments of our life, from the profoundly religious to the ridiculously mundane, because God is I AM, God of the present moment.



Mimi said...

Prayers for your husband's travels, and for you holding down the fort!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog! Will link to you..perhaps you will to me?