Monday, March 09, 2009


Yesterday we had the pleasure of having a visit from the seminarian who spent the summer at our parish come back to offer a homily (this being his Deacon year).

His homily was very inspiring; in fact one might say it was convicting in that he said something to the effect that ten days into lent we all might be struggling with what we had decided to give up and we might have, say given up cake, but had replaced that with more cookies.

When we were driving home from church the angelbaby said in her sweetest voice, "Mom, shame on you for offering us those fruit juice bars last night instead of the ice cream we gave up for Lent. Deacon John says we can't replace one treat for another."

I confess, there were some whole fruit juice bars in the freezer, and we as a family did give up ice cream for Lent, and I might have eaten one and offered them to the kids saying "these aren't ice cream they are frozen fruit juice."

Darn, it is really hard to be outed by your kids. At least I know she was listening to the homily.


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