Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We Elected a Public Servant NOT a Messiah

Archbishob Charles Chaput gave a strongly worded address the other day taking some Catholics to task for their almost servile obedience to every aspect of Barak Obama's policies since he became president; even those that fly in the face of what we believe to be morally true as people of faith.

Chaput Says:

Catholics need to remember that “we owe no leader any submission or cooperation in the pursuit of grave evil. In fact, we have the duty to change bad laws and resist grave evil in our public life, both by our words and our non-violent actions. The truest respect we can show to civil authority is the witness of our Catholic faith and our moral convictions, without excuses or apologies.”

You can read the entire address here.

Evil flourishes when people of good will do nothing. Stand up for what is right. Don't be silent any longer.

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