Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gonna Party Like it's My Birthday . . .

because it is!!!

I am outing myself a bit here but I am so pleased that I am going to admit that

Rufus wrote me a Birthday Limerick using my real first name!!!

Thanks Rufus, I can't tell you how pleased I am to have one of my very own. I may have to print it out and frame it or something.

Everyone kept asking me all day what great Irish Delicacy we were having at the angelmeg household in honor of St. Patrick's Day and my birthday. They all looked a bit stunned when I told them that we were actually having Mexican take-out from Bahio, one of my favorite little grills just on the way home.

Oh well, Patrick would have loved Mexican food if he hadn't been so fond of pig slop I am sure.

Now I am going to spend the rest of the evening relaxing here at home, sipping port and eating nice dark chocolates (I got some wonderful home made dark chocolate truffles from one of my classmates) and wait for my scheduled web-cam date with mrangelmeg. Gotta get that face time!!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, you guys all mean so much to me.



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Mimi said...

Whohoooo! Happy Birthday to you! I love your name!

Many Years, and like you, I'm sure St. Patrick would have enjoyed Mexican food.

ukok said...

Happy Birthday! Many years to you!