Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Reading Book Club is Getting Larger

So as is my yearly folly, I am joining the gentlemen at Korrektiv in their summer reading selection which this year happens to be Ron Hansen's new novel Exiles about Gerard Manley Hopkins return to his literary soul as a Jesuit scholastic (a pursuit he had abandoned he thought, in service to God) in response his reaction to a story he reads about five German nuns who die aboard a ship that sinks while they are en route to become missionaries in America.

Only, unlike other years, this year's summer reading group is a bit more than just the Korrektiv Usual Suspects. Inside Catholic has a very stimulating discussion going on about the nature of Catholic Fiction centered upon this particular book, because, you see Mr. Hansen happens to be Catholic, as does the material he is writing about in this book. Although Mr. Hansen has written other books that dealt with decidedly non Catholic subject matter.

If you are at all interested, and have a little extra time this month. I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book at your local library or bookstore and join us. I am really enjoying the book (okay I am on chapter two, so maybe I should reserve comment for a few more chapters. I love Gerard Manley Hopkins' poetry, and this has given me a little window into the soul searching path that took him to the place where he was able to write such beautiful work.

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