Saturday, July 26, 2008

August is Reparation Month

For this man's actions; a group of serious, very saddened Catholics have declared the entire month of August to be a month to do reparations for his act of desecration on the Blessed Sacrament.

His total disregard for our belief (not to mention the beliefs of his Catholic students) is so sad. The fact that he can only see his reality and has no concept that what he has done will cause great pain to anyone really bothers me. This man is molding the minds of the future generations of our leaders.

Well the damage has been done, and now we who love what he has desecrated can only band together and fast and pray in reparation for his actions. We will treat him as Christ would; with profound love. Who knows what great graces may come from our prayers? Why not join your prayers with ours.


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Suzanne said...

Lord, have mercy. Well, we will pray..never hurts...never fails!
God bless.