Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Family History

Here is a bit more about my uncle Marc the French Author

This is an essay written by my brother John after he stumbled across one of uncle Marc's books in a bookshop in Paris.

This is from John again, concerning a book uncle Marc wrote about the death of his beloved wife Else. (one of three books he wrote about their life together).

John has the upper hand in that he can read French. Maybe that is the language I should be studying. (One of my bucket list items is to become fluent in another language -not Klingon).
If I learned enough French I could read Uncle Marc's books if I ever got copies of them.

I also just found out that one of my cousins actually has a copy of my Pepe's (mom's dad's) memoirs. I remember reading bits and pieces of them years and years ago on a visit to my Uncle Chuck's, mom's brother. I would love to have a copy and am hoping that they get scanned into an electronic format so that everyone in the family can have a copy of them.

Family history is so very important. I think I feel that especially now that mom has lost the ability to pass on any memories at all. If you value your memories get them written down or tell the stories into some recording devise, don't let them die.

We are all products of our history, I know that I feel exactly the same way about my relationship with my devoted husband mrangelmeg as uncle Marc felt about his wife when I read these words:

". . ., of a language spoken only by the two of us, with references and things known only to us, of everything secretly binding two beings who understand one another before anything is spoken."

That is the language of a deep and abiding love. My Great Uncle had it for his wife, my husband and I share it.



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