Sunday, July 06, 2008

No Ordinary Message for This Ordinary Time Priest

We have been atteneding Corpus Christi Parish since we have been here in Destin FL. The parish Priest is a great holy priest named Fr. Bob Morris. I have had the pleasure of having a long lunch conversation with him during VBS week and I know that he really loves this parish in a very special way.

His homilies are something very special because of that love. He doesn't pull any punches. He tells people exactly the way things are. He says if you show up late for Mass or leave early then you don't have a clue what it means to be a Catholic and you may as well not bother coming to Mass at all.

Today his message was really amazing. It was all about defining for yourself what kind of committment you have to being a Christian to the world and how that informs how you attend and participate at liturgy.

Using himself as an example he said "I don't attend Mass because I am the priest and I am supposed to; I go to Mass because I want to involve myself in an intimate relationship with God."

He encouraged all of us to attend and particiapate at liturgy for the same reason and with the same zeal. We should sing the songs and responses, and pray the prayers to involve ourselves in an intimate relationship with God who loves us deeply and is drawing us to him in such an intimate way that He is calling us to be fed on His own body and blood broken and poured out for us.

He then told us that we must become like Christ in our own homes for those we love and for those around us. Although Christ is truly present in the tablernacle, Fr. Bob wanted to be able to come to every parishioner's home and be able to visit Christ there as well. It was his challenge to us to live as Christ in the world.

Wow, what a message for this Pauline year. I was so impressed with his message that I actually took out a pen and wrote down the quote so I wouldn't forget it. I think from now on until we go home I may start bringing a little notebook to Mass with me so that I can take notes. His wisdom is worth writing down.

We are so blessed to have been led here for our time in Destin. The people here are so lucky to have him as their Pastor.


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Suzanne said...

This is wonderful. God bless him and encourage him onward as a message from me..your Indiana sister in Christ! Could you direct me to some internet sites that would help me understand the Pauline year better?