Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Knitting Wool Socks in the Florida Sun

This is what I have accomplished in the last three weeks. The brown pair was my first pair of socks EVER! If you could get a closer look you can really tell that they are my first pair ever. They are totally cozy warm though and I love the way they feel.

The purple pair are a child size version of the same pattern that I made for the angelbaby. They are much nicer quality wool, and I did a much nicer job in the stitching. She loves them and even sleeps in them down here!

The blue pair is a variation on the same pattern I made for my beautiful autistic daughter. They are in a microfiber blend that she chose from Walmart (very inexpensive yarn, but one that she liked the feel of very much). Considering she will probably run a hole in the sole of one or the other of her socks in less than a month most likely the inexpense of her socks will be a good value. The next pair I make for her I am going to try a trick I read about where you use a smaller size needle on the sole of the sock to get a tighter gauge which is supposed to make the sock last longer. With all the pacing she does longer lasting socks will come in very handy.

Anyway, Now that I am done with these socks I am back working on my sweater, which is a daunting task because the yarn I chose, while very beautiful, is very difficult to work with, and I am still not sure I know what I am doing. I think I prefer socks, At least you see success a lot more quickly with them.

An interesting side note: The three Crane wives that are down here are all knitters. One is actually a lot better than the other two of us, and one hadn't knitted in years before she came down here but we all love it. In fact they have promised to teach me how to do cable stitch, something I have always wanted to learn. So I bought some cable needles and am looking forward to learning how to do that. I wll post more pictures when I have something else to show you.


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Suzanne said...

Knitting is making such a huge comeback..so motherly too, don't you think? They look so pretty and cozy.
I had to stop in my tracks until I get this den done, but I'm gonna keep knittin..I love it, but I still only know the knitting stitch ...first one! Ha! That's okay..I'm makin sumpin!