Wednesday, July 16, 2008

That Waiting Discipline Will Get You Every Time

Our Oldest Daughter called this evening to let us know that she was in fact offered a job at the local deli where she interviewed a week ago. It just took the manager a little longer to get back with her than we thought it should have, but then we don't do things in God's time.

I tell you, patience is a discipline that I have such a difficult time with, and sadly I haven't taught lessons in it to my children because of my lack of practice. Our old pal that great theologian Tom Petty comes to mind at this point (The waiting is the hardest part).

I kept telling her to trust in God and in her abilities, but I knew that she was really struggling to believe that God had a plan when the weeks stretched into over a month and there was no job on the horizon.

God does things in His time, and His time is perfect. We don't know why she was meant to wait those long weeks, and fill out all those applications, but some day she may know why she needed the humility and patience of this long month, and why relying on the prayers of others was part of God's plan for her. I hope she comes to see it that way.

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