Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Friends are Awesome!!!

A week ago I told the front desk that the coffee maker in our suite was no longer functioning correctly. They said they would bring another one up here as soon as possible. I have gone a whole week without being able to make coffee in the mornings.

For a few days I went down to the little Starbucks stand in the lobby for a shot of the good stuff, but the girl who works there doesn't quite understand how to pull an Americano. The last time I asked for a triple shot Americano and ended up with three shots of espresso in a cup, no hot water at all. Now I loves me some espresso, but I also loves me the inside lining of my stomach. I took the cup back to our suite and watered it down and got three cups of coffee out of it.

Anyway, yesterday the wife of one of the other guys who is down here working with mrangelmeg met the angelbaby in the hallway and the angelbaby was telling her about our coffeemaker woes. This lovely woman said that neither she nor her devoted spouse were coffee drinkers, and if we wanted she would gladly loan us the coffee maker in her room until the management came to their senses and brought us a working coffee maker. The angelbaby accepted (I think she was tired of living with a coffee-less mama) and brought the machine down to our suite.

This morning I have coffee!!! (cue music) I am so happy I could cry.

Friends are great.


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