Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gradual School Flash Back . . Compliments of the Ironic Catholic

I hope she doesn't mind I am going to quote it here because I burst out laughing, sprayed my computer with coffee and scared my kids this morning:

The Ironic Catholic: Weather: An Apophatic Front Sweeps In Today:

"Periods of apophatic darkness including ways of negation over far northern Minnesota, should make a paradigm shift into northern Wisconsin, processing but not spirating well north of the metro area.
The hypostatic union may spark numerous parabolic metaphors from late Tuesday night into Friday, ripe for nighttime analogical imagination capable of localized cataphaticism.

Eschatological forecast: 1.5' of dogma by Friday, some interpretation over the millenia, when most apocalyptic language should pass to our south, over Iowa. Next age should be clear (but yet more windy) than the last."

If you intone the words in a southern drawl and add a knowing yesssss to the end of each paragraph, this could have come from the mouth of one of my professors at Gradual School as a way to confound the less aware students. Sadly, some of my fellow gradual school classmates would be nodding along in agreement while others were furiously scribbling notes. Still others would be fumbling with their theological dictionary under the table furiously looking up every other word trying to appear as though they were keeping up with the flow of his discourse. (I have to admit that my first class I was one of the ones withe the theological dictionary in my lap), but even I would have known that this was too much, I hope.

This is way too funny. I may send it to Fr. Denis. It will make his day. I can just hear him saying "Yesssssss" in his knowing way after he has read it, with that little smile on his angelic face.


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