Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Still Jobless After All These Weeks

Oldest daughter never got a call yesterday, so she is assuming that she didn't get the job and is back to filling out appications around town yet again today.

This is getting to be very discouraging for her. All I can tell her is to keep trying and keep praying and God will lead her to the job she is meant to have. I have also told her that we are all praying for her out here in cyberspace, so don't you guys let me down.

St. Anthony, St. Jude and St. Joseph pray for us,

St Therese, show us your little way.

Blesed Mother Mary, intercede with your Son for my daughter's needs.

My dear beloved Saviour, forget not your humble servant in her hour of need.



Suzanne said...

Amen. I am still praying. Maybe you can go on facebook and ask alot of those good folks to pray to in case they aren't visiting your blog here.
I'll post on my blog too.
Yesterday after I prayed a rosary on the rosary online with other prayercasters, Danny was able to come home from work after a long day..they had some kind of trouble, I got on and prayed about that and also for all prayercasters needs and as soon as I finished..maybe 5 minutes later, the phone rang and Danny was getting off work. Anyway....

Suzanne said...

The site is called Virtual Rosary.

ukok said...

I just saw the prayer request on Suz's blog and just wanted to let you know i am praying for the intentions here mentioned.