Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lucky Catch

The angelbaby met some really nice kids at the beach today who were catching tiny hermit crabs left and right. She tried to catch one herself but had no luck. They even loaned her a mask and snorkel.

Then a while later they came over and offered her one of the ones that they caught. So now we have a tiny new pet.

She has dubbed the tiny hermit crab Pashmina (she is sure that it is a female crab and I have no clue how to tell if it is male or female.)

We probably will only keep it around for a while and then let it back into the gulf before we go home, but she sure is having fun just watching it right now.


1 comment:

Suzanne said...

How cute! Has she found Suzanne any pretty shells yet???? I want some! :) I mean it IS the least you can do since you are having ALL the fun! Right? Miss you!