Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy Week Challenge

I have a friend who for the last few years has sent email reflections for each day of Holy Week. This year her theme is to see with new eyes. She is asking us to view this week with a renewed sense of spiritual vision.

I am viewing this week in a whole new way, and not only because mrangelmeg is away on TDY and I am single parent. I am also beginning to gain some clarity on my future in a way that I never have before. Perhaps I finally have some understanding as to what God is asking me to do with this degree that I worked so hard to get. Today I go for my monthly visit with my Spiritual Director, it will be great to talk over this new clarity with him to see if he confirms what I am receiving in prayer and meditation.

Oh, and my other little action in terms of seeing with new eyes this week is that I have decided to spend some time reading the poems of
this man each day. If his words don't put me in the path of God in a new and dynamic way there is something really wrong with me.

Have a Blessed Triduum, and Inspiring Easter.


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