Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Easter Bunny Arived . . .

last night driving a green jeep and wearing an IU T-Shirt. Mrangelmeg got an unexpected break in the schedule down in Florida and decided rather than staying down there (which is what some of the guys from up here did) he would drive back home and spend the week up here with us.

I have known for a week that he was going to come home, but we decided to keep it a secret from the kids, so I have had a devil of a time trying not to give the secret away in my excitement over knowing that he was coming home! He got home just in time to watch me fill the Easter baskets and then we watched most of Blades of Glory and turned in because we had to be up in time to get to Mass early enough to actually sit in church since we knew there would be an overflow crowd. If this crowd is just because of all the people who are here visiting there must be some church somewhere that is totally empty on Easter (Ha ha).

He gets to stay around for at least a week before he has to go back. I suppose that means I actually have to cook real meals for a week. The kids don't seem to mind eating TV dinners and quick meals, but I should put a little effort in while he is home.

Tomorrow I will post something from mrangelmeg that he sent a few days ago about his experience in Florida. It is really funny.


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