Monday, March 24, 2008

Dyngus Day Fun: mrangelmeg Guest Blog's from Florida

This was a from an email mrangelmeg sent a friend of our about his adventures on his TDY in Florida. Since Dyngus day is a day for fun and games I decided to spotlight it here because it is just too funny not to share with everyone:

...", I have tried my best to fit in with the locals down here.

I thought Florida was inhabited by old, retired people, but my experience has been that it is mostly young people, thousands and thousands of them, approximately in their late teens and early twenties.

In an attempt to blend in with my neighbors here at the Palms of Destin, each night I usually do five or six Jagerbombs and then spend the rest of the evening puking noisily off of my balcony. I have to be careful, though, because there are nine balconies directly above my own.

The locals must have a genetic hearing impairment because they all have to talk very, very, loudly to each other - even yelling most of the time. Alcohol seems to aggravate this condition because as they drink, they ... just ... get ... louder.

On a positive note, another misconception of mine was that youth tend to be very self-centered and focused only on their own accomplishments. However, these nice young people are always encouraging each other in various activities, especially related to intake of liquids, and removing articles of clothing. And, even though they have money to buy alcohol and drive Lexus convertibles, the natives must be fairly poor because they don't seem to be able to afford much clothing. Worse, most appear to be homeless, as they congregate in the streets, puking noisily, ... all ... night ... long. Poor things.

Anyway, I've got three more Jagerbombs to go before sunrise, and then a long drive home, so ...

all my love.

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