Tuesday, March 11, 2008

GO:New Media Monday (Adjusted for Vacation Time) Liturgy of the Hours on Podcast

Some of you may know that I love the Liturgy of the Hours but have a difficult time remembering to do it without some prodding. I have found that I love to use my IPod to do morning and evening prayer, but I really miss the Office of Reading.

Today while listening to Fr. Roderick's Daily Breakfast podcast from last week (I am usually about a week late listening to his podcasts) I found out about a podcast from a group called Catholic Classes which does the Office of Readings via Podcast, so of course I quickly subscribed to it and am downloading this week's readings as I type this.

Now my daily Office is complete. Morning and evening prayer and the office of reading is all I really need. I do a modified examen as my night prayer, and the rest of my prayer is a running conversation with God (usually, sadly apologizing to him for my judgmental thoughts about the people around me, but I am working on that.)

I hope you all can benefit from my interesting new media find.


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Surgeworks said...

This is Dane from www.CatholicClasses.org. Thanks for linking to our Liturgy of the Hours podcasts. We really enjoy Fr. Roderick's Daily Breakfast and appreciated his mention of us. The direct feed to Liturgy of the Hours is http://feeds.catholicclasses.org/liturgy_of_the_hours and we also have one you might like at http://feeds.catholicclasses.org/catechumentate.

Thanks again and God Bless!