Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Mrangelmeg has to leave today to go back to his TDY. It is almost fitting that it is a rainy day, except that he has to drive through a storm for the first part of his trip south. We had a really nice week having him home, and he got to do some things around here that really needed to get done (like getting the license plates for the cars which expire tomorrow) and doing a bit of yard work thanks to some nice weather.

Everyone was happy to see him at Church. We even got to be the gift bearers for Easter Mass which was really nice.

But now he goes back to his work and we go back to getting along without him for a while longer. If everything goes as planned he should be back for a month at the end of April and then if things work out the way we hope the angelbaby and I will be able to join him for the next long trip because she will be out of school for the summer.

I am just walking in faith and keeping it all together. Things will work out the way they are supposed to despite our plans. Hopefully I will be able to get better sleep this time around while he is gone. I am going to try a few new tactics to get better result than I did the last time. We shall see.


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