Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tis Good Lord to be Here

Today is the Feast of the Transfiguration. Often I have heard friends bemoan the fact that they are waiting for those transfiguration moments in their spiritual lives. I suppose I look at things a little bit differently.

It is good that I get the mountaint top experiences, but I am more of the mind that it is good that I am wherever it is that God wants me to be at this moment. Even if this moment doesn't seem to be a very glamorous or exciting moment, there must be some good reason for God wanting me to be in this moment.

I need to learn to cultivate the idea of gratitude that will allow me to say "It is good Lord to be here" at every moment of my life. When I am taking care of my family and their needs, or I am dealing with the struggle to handle our van being in the shop for over a week and two weekends and all of us not being able to fit in one car to go anywhere together. Or when I am doing something fun and new.

If everything is truly gift, then I should find good in everything. My spiritual director used to say that was finding the grace in every moment. Sometimes the hard fact is that the grace in some moments isn't for us. Especially in our suffering. Sometimes the grace of those moments is meant for others, and often the effects of that grace we will never know or see. But because God is good, it is good that we are there and that fact we can know if we allow ourselves to believe.

I need to to finish packing and hopefully tackle the rest of those midterm questions. I am leaving for an adventure this week; I am working the alumni reunion at St Meinrad and then visiting friends for a few days and then back to Meinrad for a workshop Friday and Saturday.

Mrangelmeg, two of the daughters and Suzanne's son are off to a Cardinal's game, and the rest of the house is still asleep because we went to Mass last night.

So, Blessed Transfiguration to you all.

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Suzanne said...

I haven't been able to say how nice it was of Burke and Bridget to ask Shane to go to see a real St. Louis Cardinal's
game! I hope Shane comes back realizing just how long this team has been around...history, etc. He has never followed baseball at all, so that is why I say that, yet, I am most sure he has heard about them! :)
Also going to St. Louie for a day, ain't a bad deal! :) Thank you all.