Thursday, August 03, 2006

Marriage is a Duel to the death!

So I am busily working on my Philosophy midterm . . . okay so that is technically untrue, I am postponing even starting work on it this morning by doing a bit of a blog stroll. I have been taking advantage of the amazing links on the B-Team blogroll and every day I pick a random link I have never followed and am exposed to another Catholic voice.

I must admit it is a bit like any parish; some I really like, some not so much.

Today's link was In Veritas Ambulare where I came across this amazing gem:

Whether it is true that marriage is not a gamble

My favorite line has to be the one I quoted in the title. Marriage is a duel to the death. ROTFLOL sometimes it sure feels that way.

I did like the line: The "outcome" of marriage cannot be in doubt, as our Lord has promised all necessary graces to spouses who seek them. Failings, then, can be ascribed only to the participants, and not made a quality of marriage itself.

I believe mrangelmeg and I have had discussions about this point before. He even mentioned this last night before we went to sleep, when we were talking about what it takes to be a real man. A real man does what it takes to make a marriage work and doesn't bail when the going gets rough.


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Tony said...

You can be sure of yourself, but can you be sure of your beloved partner?

It takes two to make a marriage, but in this society, only one to break it.