Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Great Advice from a Fine Man

Yesterday I was listening to my guilty pleasure: The Bob and Tom Show on my car radio as I did the school drop offs. The guests happened to be Football greats Archie and Peyton Manning. They were there to promote an auction to benefit Peyton's charity the Peyback Foundation, and they were about as funny as any comedians that Bob and Tom have ever had on their show. One of the items that was being auctioned was signed by Eagles Quarterback Eli Manning, Peyton's brother and Archie commented that Eli had made Peyton wait in line for the autograph, Peyton retorted that Eli had made him pay for it.

Tom Griswold asked Archie Manning how he had managed to raise three such well mannered and considerate young men as Peyton, Eli and their older brother Cooper. Archie's response was the most amazing defense of sacramental marriage. He said that the trick was that you had to marry the right woman. He gave all the credit for how wonderful his boys had turned out to his wife, their mother Olivia.

How cool is that?


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Rosemary Bogdan said...

very cool.