Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Five Things Meme

Still avoiding homework . . .

This sounded like fun so I stole the tag all the way from Australia.

Five things in my freezer
Extreme Moose Tracks Ice Cream
Totinos Pizzas
Frozen Shoestring Potatoes
Ice Packs
Base for Ice Cream Maker (so we are ready when the spirit hits)

This is the chest freezer, the freezer upstairs has a bottle of tequila but that's another story.

Five things in my closet
chest of drawers (walk in closet)
jewelry box
shoe tree full of shoes
stuffed ape holding a rose (gift from me to mrangelmeg)

Five Things in my car
pack of gum (I have an obsessive need to chew gum when I drive)
car charger for my cell phone
CD case with assorted CD's
an old prescription bottle that belonged to my mom that I haven't thrown away yet, (gotta get to that someday)
jumper cables which I really hope I will never personally have to use.

Five Interesting things in my backpack
Modern Philosophy book (NOT interesting, but required)
The Idiots Guide to Philosophy (not interesting, but necessary if I have a prayer of understanding the above entry)
mechanical pencil (don't like pens or old school pencils)
post- it notes (not necessary but possibly interesting, since we use them to pass notes in class)
Dove brand dark Chocolates (decidedly both interesting and necessary)

Five tags
Ironic Catholic
I would tag Korrectiv, but I am affraid to find out what they hoard.

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