Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year . . .

for a stay-at-home-mom anyway. My girls are going back to school, and by the end of the week my days will be filled with peaceful silence, well at least once they get used to the morning schedule and we don't have to pry them out of bed with a forklift.

Once, when my oldest daughter was really struggling in school I prayed long and hard about whether or not it might be a good idea to home-school. Other people I knew were bravely taking their children out of the school system to assure that they were getting what they needed, so I thought surely I should do the same for my daughter. After many, many nights of prayer I was assured by my father in heaven that my children would be much better off if I left their education in more capable hands. I, you see, can barely get them to do homework and keep their rooms clean. It would have done much harm to us all, both mentally and spiritually if I had endeavored to teach my very special needs children at home. Their handicaps and needs were way beyond my personal abilities.

And I will have to admit, with the exception of just a few times, my children have been blessed with very caring teachers who have made a great impact on their lives, and broadened their horizons in a positive way. We have been blessed, because I believe we have been faithful, and vigilant and stayed as active and connected to what was going on at their schools as we possibly could.

Because I am not working this year, I am going to do something I did for my older children. I am going to be a library lady volunteer at the angelbaby's elementary school. I went in to meet the Media Specialist yesterday, and we are going to schedule a time slot so that I can become a regular weekly volunteer. That way I get to spend time at the angelbaby's school without seeming like I am snooping or being in the way.

I am pretty excited about the chance to be in there again. So long as it is only one morning a week.

The rest of the time I want to enjoy the quiet house while I have the chance. Christmas break will be here sooner than we think.


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Anonymous said...

Awwww I do love this time of year too!! I only have one in school but it makes such a difference regarding noise levels in our house! Not to mention the boys are all getting along better, distance does make the heart grow fonder in this case!

You are right though, good teachers make all the difference, and parents being involved with things like PTA and "library ladying" has proved to make a huge impact to in recent studies. I'm a PTA mom for now, but I definately want to do a little more once all of the kids are full-time students.

Enjoy your peaceful days! :)