Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dream Analysis Please

So I had this horrible dream last night.

I was taking my Modern Philosophy Midterm. Each time I would successfully write the answer to a question about Descartes or Spinoza or Berkeley or Hume, and I would be so pleased that I had completed the question and could move, I would hit the save button on my computer and the program would work like a random question generator and change the questions so that the answer no longer matched up with the question I had just completed or the previous ones I had done.

Someone please help analyze this dream for me because it is totally freaking me out. I am beginning to second guess all of the work I did on the questions I answered yesterday (all five of them out of twenty). This thing is already giving me daymares, now nightmares too!

Oh well I had best get back to the test before the questions change!

Say a quick prayer for me.


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