Friday, August 11, 2006

All That Jazz

Thursday Night my friends John and Pat took me to The Jazz Factory for dinner and some great Jazz violinist named Zach Brock. There was a singer there as well named Spider Saloff, and a guitarist Steve Ramsdell. The music was amazing. Zach got tones out of that violin that I have never heard from any other violin in all my years of music appreciation. Steve was getting amazing riffs that sounded electric from an acoustic guitar, and Spider's voice was a really mellow throaty contralto. Together they made an awesome trio.

This venue has to be one of the best Jazz clubs around, it was just the right size and configuration for good music and the food was great. We had a great time. John and Pat go there about twice a month and sometimes more often even than that.

If you ever get to Louisville Kentucky and find you have an evening that you want to make very special spend it at the Jazz Factory. You won't be disappointed.


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Suzanne said...

Oh, that sounds like such fun! I love jazz.