Monday, August 21, 2006

Things I am happy I didn't say out loud

So yesterday we spent the day at a Holiday World. I spent the day in a mass of humanity. For those of you who know me at all, you know that I am extremely challenged when it comes to being in crowded places. I just can't stand to be around large masses of humanity all at once. Especially the great unwashed variety that show up at theme parks on Sunday afternoons.

I was really pretty happy with my behavior yesterday though. I am what you might call an extroverted introvert. I am extremely shy, but I process everything out loud and that gets me in a heck-uva-lotta trouble on days like yesterday because while I was challenged by many of the people I saw I managed to keep most of the comments that were sprouting like weeds in my fertile imagination in an internal garden of prose.

My one regret is that when I saw the woman who was severely beating her son on the behind at the waterpark I didn't say something. At the time I was so stunned to see such as savage act of brutality being perpetrated on a child that I was totally speechless.

Why is that I wonder, when the minute I saw the obese guy with "Patriot" tattooed on his huge gut I immediately thought "Well look out enemies of the state, now I feel safe."

go figure?



Suzanne said...

Oh, dear! Sorry about the little one. I wonder if he wandered off from her and got lost or almost drowned because he wasn't where he was supposed to be and she lost her mind? No exuse for a savage type whipping, but its so hard to understand, isn't it all? Man!
Anyway, prayers for that family, huh?
The rest of your post cracked me up! So glad you got to spend the day with your family. BTW...if you didn't get a form for the Consumed retreat out at the farm for whomever your were hoping could go, you need to call Janis. They sent them out and only room for 150, so they need to get sent back in asap probably! Just thought to tell you!

angelmeg said...

I suppose, but I can't immagine how beating him would remedy that type of behavior.

Suzanne said...

Nor can I. I just know reactions can happen in emergencies that are not always good. Most likely, spankings are her regular way of discipline anyway and this one was over the edge.
I didn't mean to imply that that would rememdy anything, believe me!

cheated are the clouds said...

Hi angelmeg thank you for your comment a few days back, while I was reading this I laughed at the way you descibe yourself in crowds, that was funny, and the boy who got savagely beaten by his mom made me so sad, there is just way too much violence in our world already, without teaching another child this is how it is done, this is normal, there should be a schooling for young adults to teach patience and understanding and you have too pass before you can become a parent, Not realistic I know but, troubled kids eat away at my soul, nice blog thanks

Suzanne said...

I am going to go out on another limb here and say that the world that has allowed for "legalized abortion," is a world where there is going to be plenty of savage physical beatings in public, along with the so-called legal abortions in death mills. I think it all goes together. Unfortunately, there have always been "underground" beatings at home...very sad, but, people have no problem showing it in public. I'm still praying for that little one...guess it can't hurt. :(.

angelmeg said...


You may be right, The culture of death may have a big part to play in the fact that this woman felt no qualms about her actions in such a public setting.

It is one thing to harm a child in the secret of your home, but to be so bold as to do so in a public place takes a real disregard for human life.

I think it is the same thing that makes it perfectly okay for adults to curse openly when there are children present, as they do at grocery stores or at sporting events.

Television is becoming intollerable because of what is allowed on what used to be called "the family hour". We can harldy let our 10 year old watch anymore for fear of what she will see or hear.

Life is just so sad.

BitterSweetWords said...

I have the same problem! Except I say things aloud and don't know it tell some one replies to one of my random musings. And they are usually random. ^^ It's neat to see someone out there with the same problem. I am deeply saddened about what happened to that poor little boy. There are other more appropriate ways to discipline a child without beating on them.