Friday, August 04, 2006

A Lesson in Ethics on Reality Television?

So my daughters and I were watching our guilty pleasure show Project Runway last night. Who would have thought that it would have offered an awesome lesson in ethics and a great debate among us about knowing the rules and abiding by them from the outset of a competition.

It seems that Keith, one of the designers on the show this season was found to be in possession of pattern books in his apartment even after they were told when they began the show that those types of books were NOT to be in their possession. Whether or not he used those books to aide in his design process is beside the point, mere possession of them is against the rules of the program and the producers had no other recourse than to ask him to leave the competition.

Personally I didn't really like Keith because the week before he felt he was above the rules of the program when he "chose" not do design an outfit for the dog in the challenge that included the dogs. Rules apply to everyone I told the girls last week when we were watching him try to defend his actions, and yet they allowed him to stay. His defiance of the rules finally came back to bite him (ha, I didn't intend the pun, but it is funny).

The easiest way to work is to play by the rules, then you don't have to worry about trying to defend your actions later.

I hope my girls learned a lesson from Keith's foolhardy actions, and I hope this poor young man did as well. Perhaps his public embarrassment will be enough to ensure that he will understand that rules are there for a reason.


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